About Tyler


Tyler Johnson is an American guitarist, pianist, and composer, born in 1993 in Richmond, Indiana. He began taking guitar lessons at the age of ten from a local teacher named Meredith Miller and went on to play guitar for various things like church and high school band. During high school, he became increasingly interested in writing songs and creating music. He also became fascinated with classical music after taking a music appreciation course. He began taking piano lessons in his last year of high school and would continue to study at Indiana University East. At IU East, he studied piano performance with Barb Armstrong and Chris Rogan and music composition with Melody Eotvos, Sam Wells, and Carter Rice.


Music is many things to me. It is a mean for creative expression, something in which to confide, but also something to share. It has the ability to be a visceral experience for both the player and listener, something words cannot express.

I believe creativity is important for human development. Our minds need to be stretched and tested often so they can grow.

Music has always been a fortress of solitude for me. It allows me to go to a place where I can reflect on life as well as a place where I can simply relax. It has the ability to create an environment that no one else can touch and it is all mine. However, I also believe music is not meant to be like this all the time. Some of the greatest successes I have ever experienced have been from a willingness to share music with others. It is a beautiful event to witness the mutual enjoyment of music among others. I strive to learn from the people around me.

As I’ve grown to become a better musician and listener, I have experienced so much joy through music. As I continue to develop my musical skills, I hope to allow others to experience music like I have.


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